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Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Overlooked selections from 20th century American photographic studios
Organized by Lisa Kurzner

The contact sheet—now on the verge of extinction—captures the working life and thought processes of photographers by mapping out the sequence of shots on roll film in the studio or on the street. Choice, timing and bracketing are terms identified with proof sheets that record the unfolding relationships between the photographer and his subject. The unedited visual manuscript, marginalia included, contains the diamonds as well as dross of that unique experience—the shoot.

Contact sheets are vested with an important photographic element—that of time. They slice apart a period of time into individual frames, and by virtue of their sequential nature, render visible patterns and relationships—social, psychological, formal—which lend the object itself a unique position in photographic history. When scanning an entire sheet, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The unintended visual interplay from frame to frame carries a viewer to find unexpected relationships among the details yoked together by this format.

This exhibition of contact sheets is drawn from a local collection. They were purchased exclusively on eBay, and primarily represent anonymous photographers shooting (for the most part) anonymous subjects in portrait studios, on television and film sets, in private homes and suburban backyards.

In between a few recognizable personalities are the good, the bad and the ugly of midcentury culture—from Spanish-tinged melodramas to headshots of hopeful starlets. The best images however are the unplanned ones. The Strange as found in these photographs, much like preparatory sketches for master works, reveal some of the visual throat-clearing and cavalier moments that happen before the camera.


November 4-December 30, 2011
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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Pictures of the art and opening reception are here.

Ann Caywood Brown
Amy Fishbach
Andrea LeBlond
Austin Bates
Benita Cullinan
Bonnie Dolin
Betsy Fallon
Bonnie Gordon
Barb Humpage
Brent Kee Young
Catherine Butler
Cathie Bleck
Chadd Lacy
Catherine Davies Paetz
Carol Sphar
David Berholz
David Brichford
Debbie Vail
Earl James
Elizabeth Orchard
Ellen Strong
Grace Chin
Gene Epstein
Gavin Lehman
Genevieve Schwartz
Grace Stokes
Garie Waltzer
Gretchen Goss
Jen Craun
Jennifer Lesch
Jeanne Regan
Jeremy Tugeau
Kris Barnes
Kristen Cliffel
Kate Snow
Leslie Greenhalgh
Linda Goldstone
Lynne Lofton
Lynn O'Brien
Lisa Schonberg
Martha Cliffel
Megan Dull
Michael Mikula
Melissa O'Grady
Maryann Posch & John Gulyas
Michael Romanik
Mark Sudduth
Mindy Tousley
Megan Van Wagoner
Mark Yasenchack
Martha Young
Nicole Pritts
Patricia Garmhausen
Pamela Pastoric
Paula Zinsmeister
Qandle Qadir
Rozanne Anderson
Rumana Hawa
Romanik Photography
Sue Berry
Sharon Grossman
Susan Gallagher
Susan Skove
Todd Anderson
Tobi Mattes
Ursula Korneitchouk
William Mahon
Yumiko Goto


January 13-February 25, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Mary Lou Alexander
Ruta Butkus Marino
Helen Murrell
June O’Neil

Curated by fiber artist Marty Young, Second Life is a fiber show in conjunction with the Textile Arts Alliance’s Focus Fiber on view at the Canton Museum of Art December 2-February 26, 2012
Second Life is a show of quilt-referenced fiber art by artists who had previous careers in fields unrelated to art.   The show also reflects quilt-making’s second life that started in the quilt revival of the 1970s when artists evolved the quilt from bedcover to art. 
Their work is grounded in traditional American quilt techniques but the quilt per se is almost unrecognizable as the art form of quilts has transitioned from the bed to the wall, from “quilt” to “fiber art.”

Pictures of the art and opening reception are here.


March 2-April 14, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Philip Brutz
G.M. Donley
Matthew Fehrmann
Nancy McEntee
Michael Weil

Five Cleveland photographers offer personal experiences of landscape-near, far, and along the way.

Tophography is a group exhibition of recent photography by five area artists whose work offers personal experiences of landscape—near, far, and along the way. Organized by Heights Arts, the show continues the local nonprofit gallery’s commitment to presenting photography to the regional audience. Each of the five artists brings a distinctive approach.

Philip Brutz offers 10 stereoscope images made at a place called Raven Rocks in south central Ohio. Installed in a special freestanding viewer that allows gallery visitors to scroll through the photographs, the series explores with 3-D intensity the quiet details of the site. Brutz works for the Cleveland Museum of Art, custom-making mounts to hold works of art from the tiniest jewelry to massive stone sculptures. His photography has appeared in exhibitions at MOCA Cleveland and at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the museum has acquired a number of his photographs for its collection.

G. M. Donley, whose first solo show was at Herbert Ascherman Jr.’s Cleveland Photographic Workshop in 1990, is designer and editor of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s magazine, and was a founding member of Heights Arts. His strongly horizontal photographs here combine dozens of overlapping transparent images to create dense collages of 360-degree panoramas or excursions such as mountain hikes and bicycle rides.

Matthew Fehrmann, an adjunct professor at Cleveland Institute of Art where he is responsible for fine art digital photography and printing courses, has spent a dozen years honing his reputation as a maker of fine art prints for major photographers. Last year, he and two friends rode motorcycles from Alaska to Mexico, and here he shows images made during that journey. His work has recently been on view locally at 78th Street Studios.

Nancy McEntee, professor of photography at the Cleveland Institute of Art, is a 2009 recipient of a Creative Workforce Fellowship from the Community Partnership on Arts and Culture, and also received a Virginia Center For the Creative Arts Fellowship Residency and an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship. Her photographs are exhibited nationally and can be found in many public and private collections. She was awarded a residency at the Burren College of Art in County Clare, Ireland for summer 2010, and the photographs she presents here portray her daughter, who is the subject of her ongoing body of work,in the striking Irish landscape.

Michael Weil inspired this exhibition with his series of photographs looking down from Seat 9A during a commercial flight from Cleveland to Sacramento via Houston. Juxtaposing images of runway tarmac, exurban developments, arid mountain ranges, and massive-scale agriculture, the series finds poetic visual rhymes through texture and abstraction. A photo-historian by profession, Weil earned a PhD from Case Western Reserve University and is currently an adjunct professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Pictures of the art and opening reception are here.


April 20-June 2, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Small Show

Pictures of the art and opening reception are here

A collection of small works by six significant artists:
(photography, painting, fiber, and sculpture)
    Amber Anderson
    Susan Danko
    Emily Felderman
    Rene Harris
    Lynn O’Brien
    Campbell Paxton

Amber Anderson
My work has long focused on the themes of intimacy, memory and timelessness, which I explore in small black and white photographs. My current project, Novel, illustrates scenes from imaginary narratives with atmospheric images of existing historical and natural sites assigned new, fictitious histories. The work asks viewers to reconsider their perceptions of what they believe they know about a place, as well as to reflect on the subjective nature of history. The images eliminate references to the present and evoke an atmosphere of mystery.  The titles, written as excerpts from the Novel, present the viewer with open-ended scenarios that they can interpret based on their own imagination and experience. The project is ongoing as the narrative of the Novel continues to develop.

Amber J. Anderson is an Ohio-based photographer who creates work based on themes of memory, mystery, intimacy, and history.  She is inspired by historical sites, rural landscapes, and classic literature. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and Master of Arts degree in arts administration from The University of Akron. She has exhibited her work locally at SPACES, Zygote Press, and Aperture Tremont and nationally in galleries in California, Vermont and Oregon. She currently resides with her family in Cleveland Heights.

Susan Danko
The paintings presented here were created spontaneously over a period of time, and stem from sources including my memory, imagination, written words, photographs, organic specimens, and sketch book notations of nature.  When arranged in proximity they present a complex and multi-faceted view of our beautiful and fragile natural environment today.

Cleveland native Susan Danko received a BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1998.  Her work is included in prominent public and private art collections including the Cleveland Clinic, Springfield Medical Center, and Nordson Corporation.  Her current exhibition ‘Singular Perceptions’ is on view at Harris-Stanton Gallery in Akron through April 7th. Her work will be included in the ‘Midwestern’ exhibition at the Rockford Art Museum in May, and her paintings will be featured in volume 17/18 of Studio Visit Magazine  in late spring of 2012.

Emily Felderman
I love making stitches; they are simple and straightforward. No loud machines, no protective gear, just a hand, needle, thread, fabric and scissors are needed. Stitches historically have been both necessary and decorative. They can help to tell a story, record important occasions, and bring people together.

My framed pieces range in size from an inch to almost two feet in length. Work on a small scale demands of the eye greater attention to detail. I overlap stitches to add dimension. I am inspired by colors and patterns found in nature.

I have recently been exploring combining my textile work with found vintage objects, beginning with my Grandfathers gears and washers. I like the idea of using the old scissors in a new way and wonder what they were used for before I found them? Stitching? Cutting papers? Utilitarian? Bonsai? They are now part of a complete art piece where their patina, scratches, and history are integrated into a unified piece.

Emily Felderman teaches art at Laurel School in Shaker Heights, OH. She received her Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University. Her artwork primarily consists of framed textile pieces and textile work integrated vintage found objects.

Renee Harris
For as long as I can remember, I have needed to create things with my hands. Inspired by my father’s art studio, I proceeded to blend my mental imagination with the physical component of creating tangible ideas by hand. As time went on, I realized that I was beginning a lifelong journey of self-discovery about what it means to be an artist and how it would define me.

My formal education began at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. I experienced many opportunities to explore my abilities, as well as, absorbing  inspiration from the vast amount of art and culture within the city. I left the Corcoran for The Art Academy of Cincinnati because at the time, the Academy offered classes which better suited my goals. I pursued illustration as a focus but soon included painting and printmaking courses. These combined disciplines strengthened my sense of color, process and  communication skills. I graduated with a major in painting and printmaking along with a minor in illustration.

Lynn O'Brien
I use color, form, and texture to create mixed media paintings that are inspired by the beauty and diversity of both natural and decorative forms.  My goal is that each painting becomes a source of contemplation and ongoing discovery for myself and other viewers.  

Combining different materials using an additive and subtractive process, I build up several layers of paint that I scratch into, draw marks on, and collage papers onto.  This results in a complex textured surface and color field with bits and pieces of previous layers being revealed through each subsequent layer.  At some point in the process, I begin adding shapes and objects inspired by birds, insects, and other biological forms.  Each painting becomes a record of its own unique history through the remnants of colors, lines, and marks that remain visible through the final layer of paint.

Lynn O’Brien was born and raised in Northampton, Massachusetts.  She studied art at the University of Arizona in Tucson before moving to Cleveland in 2001.  She works as both an artist and a registered nurse.   Her interest in natural forms and patterns and her entomologist husband provide ongoing sources of biological inspiration.  She has exhibited her work locally, regionally and nationally and has received several awards.   Lynn’s work will be included in a new book entitled 100 Midwest Artists by Ashley Rooney which will be available in May 2012.

Campbell Paxton
I create small sculptures on mythological themes.  I use the human body to explore movement in space; action and reaction; and the problems of “open” and “closed” form.  I do not deny myself subject, but rather revel in it to explore emotion through my choice of myth and the consequent situations offered therein. I enjoy researching the traditional concept and iconography and then delve deeper into more obscure interpretations to see if I can make any logical leaps in mythic reason; to see if I can add any nuance of meaning when I am done playing and my plastic actors have finally settled on a pose.  In this way I hope to make objects that mover, delight, and instruct or, at least, provide incentive to explore the sources I set askew.

My works are basically domestic.  They are created to be in the hands of an individual;  to be touched, turned, and examined with the naked eye (after all, turn about is fair play).  Their scale denies the pompous heroism of more monumental sculpture.  (They are conversational rather than rhetorical; intimate rather than public.)  Indeed, if my creations do not make large statements, they at least make side remarks which might induce thought or contemplation.

Michael Mikula, Sai Sinbondit, Stephen Yusko

June 8-July 21, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Mikula.Sinbondit.Yusko:  Materiality

Heights Arts presents 3 Creative Workforce Fellows whose work relates to each other through design, materials, and color.

Pictures of the art and the reception are here.


July 27-September 1, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

furniture and objects by Northeast Ohio contemporary designer/makers

Pictures of the art and opening reception are here
Commonhouse Furniture
Mark Hartung
Doug Meyer
Kevin Shahan
Matt Stankus
Stephen Yusko


September 7-October 20, 2012
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118





Mon, Tues, Wed 10-5

Thurs, Fri 10-9:30 pm

Sat 1:30-9:30 pm


through October 20


Curated by Andrea Joki, the show illuminates paper as a carrier of artists’ symbols and as a medium in itself with processes including drawing, painting, cut paper, collage, sculpture and pulp. 


The show coincides in its closing days with the International Association of Hand Papermakers (IAPMA) and Friends of Dard Hunter conference hosted by Cleveland’s Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Education Foundation.  


Shelly DiCello, Tom Balbo, Tim Callaghan, Laura Cooperman, Julie Friedman, Sarah Kabot, Margaret Kimura, Michael Loderstedt, Liz Maugans, Pam McKee, Darice Polo, Corrie Slawson, Dan Tranberg, Achala Wali and Trudy Wiesenberger


Photo:  paper made at the Morgan Conservatory


through December 30
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

There's no place like home to shop for high quality art for yourself or others.  Heights Arts 11th annual Holiday Store presents 85+ local artists.


Pictures of the show are here!

Ambiente Rozanne Anderson Todd Anderson Judith Angelo Kris Barnes Mary Ann Barnes Kim Baxter David Bergholz Sue Berry Sue Bevis David Brichford William Brouillard Ann Caywood Brown Catherine Butler Roy Camillo Grace Chin Barbara Claas Kristen Cliffel Martha Cliffel Robert Coby Jennifer Craun Benita Cullinan Sue Danko Bonnie Dolin G.M. Donley Megan Dull Julianne Edberg Gene Epstein Betsy Fallon Emily Felderman Susan Gallagher Pat Garmhausen Laurie Garrett Linda Goldstone Bonnie Gordon Gretchen Goss Yumiko Goto Leslie Greenhalgh Sharon Grossman Steven Hagan Russ Hardy Mark Hartung Earl James Ursula Korneitchouk Chadd Lacy Elaine Lamb Andrea Leblond Gavin Lehman Lynne Lofton Tobi Mattes Rachel McPherson Doug Meyer Michael Mikula Jackie Miller Lynn O'Brien Catherine Davies Paetz Pam Pastoric Campbell Paxton Shayna Roth Pentecost Maryann Posch + John Gulyas Qandle Qadir Jeanne   Regan Susan Roberts Michael Romanik Romanik Photography  Lisa Schonberg Genevieve Schwartz  Susan Skove David  Smith Kate Snow Carol Sphar Ellen Strong Mark Sudduth Carol Thombs Mindy Tousley Jeremy Tugeau Valerie Tyler Debbie Vail Michael Weil Mark Yasenchack Brent Kee Young Martha Young 


CDs by Apollo's Fire Blue Lunch Deborah Van Kleef Les Delices Panoramicos Shanua Greg Slawson + Candice Lee


through February 23
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Picture gallery here.

Gallery hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-5

Thursday, Friday 10-9:30

Saturday 1-9:30


This show presents two accomplished artists who are not formally trained.  What they have in common is a high degree of craftsmanship expressing exceptional imagination.  Each engages in art-making that involves obsessive detail. 


David Mull’s detailed, imaginative ink and graphite drawings are made on found paper, rocks, and other objects. 


Martha Cliffel’s  colorful assemblages, sometimes political and sometimes whimsical, are made from found objects. 


Special thanks to Bill Schubert of Headfooter’s Gallery for advising on this show.


March 1-April 13, 2013
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118



Mark Slankard and Andy Curlowe, both recipients of Creative Workforce Fellowships, are the featured artists from March 1 through April 13.  

Slankard’s evocative photographs from the Toplu Series capture the rapidly changing landscapes in Turkish suburbia, developments that Slankard began to document in 2008 after several years of travel to the country.  His work reflects “landscape as a physical manifestation of those who live there, and their values and the power structures that basically shape the place.”


Curlowe’s paintings similarly explore themes of civilization and relationships between built environments and the contours of natural landscape.  His paintings “confront the ever-changing relationship between these realms.  Focused on suggestive landscape, my work is a fusion of curved lines and blurred contours of natural forms which counter the sharp geometry of industry and calculation.  Whether in conflict or harmony, these works emphasize the power struggles between both worlds.”



through May 11
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Opening reception Friday, April 19, 6-9 pm

an exhibition featuring the Heights Youth Club Mosaic Mural, paintings by Augusto Bordelois, and art work selected from  the art classes of Lee Road public schools: 


Fairfax Elementary School, Jessica Friedland, art teacher

Boulevard Elementary School, Hilary Nemecek, art teacher

Heights High, Susan Hood, art teacher


The mural, the product of an Ohio Arts Council Artist Residency with Augusto Bordelois, will be installed on the Heights Youth Club, 2065 Lee Road, where it was designed and fabricated in the after school program.


The Heights Youth Club Mosaic Mural is a project of Heights Arts that both enriched students’ after school experience AND enlivens the Lee Road streetscape, reflecting Heights Arts’ vision that art is part of every day life.  The mural is a window into the current life of the former church repurposed into a vibrant after-school program.


Special thanks to Heights Arts Program Director Andrea Joki, artist Augusto Bordelois, and Roscoe Morgan, Club Director


The project was made possible through the generosity of The Ohio Arts Council, Beth Sersig + Christopher Brandt, The Cyrus Eaton Foundation, Jack + Blanche Valancy, The Dominion Foundation, US Bank, and Elisabeth Gevelber.  THANK YOU!

Photos of the mosaic project are here. 


through July 6
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Anatomica features artists who express themselves using organic forms, both human and otherwise

Stephanie Craig
Michelle Marie Murphy
Mariana Ortega

Russ Revock

Dante Rodriguez


pictured:  Michelle Marie Murphy:  Pine Needle Eyelashes 2013, metallic c-print 20x30


New photographs by Linda Butler, Jennie Jones, + Judith McMillan

through August 31
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Opening reception Friday, July 12, 6-9 pm

The View from Now:  New Photographs by Linda ButlerJennie Jones,Judith McMillan

Cleveland-area artists Linda Butler, Jennie Jones, and Judith MacMillan have all been exploring the photographic medium for decades, with subjects ranging from intimate botanical studies to Cleveland architectural landmarks to China’s Yangtze River valley as it was flooded in an enormous hydroelectric project. Each artist has earned a place of honor in the arts community with her own distinctive vision and superb craft, and each has numerous works in the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The new exhibition "The View from Now: New Photographs by Linda Butler, Jennie Jones, and Judith MacMillan," opening Friday, July 12 at Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights, presents a unique opportunity to see brand-new work by three of Cleveland’s most venerable photographic artists. The Heights Arts show is the first to feature these three together in a show built around their current projects, which focus on Cleveland-area subjects ranging from hatchling birds on a windowsill to the grand expanse of Lake Erie. While all three have often previously worked in black-and-white, the photographs show here are all in color. The View from Nowcontinues a commitment by Heights Arts to organize fine exhibitions of photography for the broad yet discerning audience that visits the gallery near the Cedar-Lee Theater.

All-Ohio Ceramics Invitational
Curated by Tom Huck

September 6 through October 18, 2013
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Opening Friday, September 6th, we will be presenting a landmark exhibition, "All Ohio Ceramic Invitational," organized by Tom Huck, curator of University Hospital's art collection. The All Ohio Ceramic Invitational showcases ceramic works from artists in northern Ohio and throughout the state that explore the diversity of clay.

Tom states:


Artists have been invited who's works exhibit contrasts in scale, clay bodies, firing ranges, glazing techniques, and execution. The show will feature sculptural works, vessel inspired pieces, and functional works.


We are particularly excited to introduce a recognized group of artists from the outlying regions of the state and exhibit their work for the first time in the Cleveland area.


This exhibit not only highlights some of Ohio's talented ceramists but also provides a perspective on ceramic art and its place in today's contemporary art market.

Holiday Store 2013!
Over 70 Artists

November 1 through December 29, 2013
Heights Arts Gallery

Ambiente - Rozanne Anderson - Todd Anderson -  Kris Barnes - David Bergholz - Sue Berry – Sue Bevis - David Brichford - William Brouillard - Ann Caywood Brown – Robert Coby - Catherine Butler - Grace Chin - Barbara Claas - CLE - Kristen Cliffel - Martha Cliffel - Benita Cullinan - Sue Danko - Bonnie Dolin – Dave Derrig - G.M. Donley – Betty Drake - Megan Dull - Julianne Edberg - Gene Epstein - Betsy Fallon - Emily Felderman - Susan Gallagher - Linda Goldstone - Bonnie Gordon - Gretchen Goss - Yumiko Goto - Leslie Greenhalgh – Michael Greenwald - Sharon Grossman - Steven Hagan - Russ Hardy - Mark Hartung - Earl James – Kris Keener - Ursula Korneitchouk - Elaine Lamb - Andrea Leblond - Gavin Lehman - Lynne Lofton - William Mahon - Tobi Mattes - Michael Mikula - Lynn O'Brien - Catherine Davies Paetz - Pam Pastoric - Shayna Roth Pentecost - Maryann Posch + John Gulyas - Gillian Preston – Liza Rifkin - Michael Romanik - Romanik Photography – Susan Schieman - Genevieve Schwartz - Susan Skove - C. Owen Smith - Kate Snow - Carol Sphar -  Alex Stanton – Grace Stokes - Ellen Strong - Mark Sudduth - Carol Thombs – Krista Tomorowitz - Jeremy Tugeau - Valerie Tyler - Michael Weil - Mark Yasenchack - Brent Kee Young - Martha Young - Paula Zinsmeister

Mark Keffer + Lisa Schonberg

January 17, 2014 through March 1, 2014
Heights Arts Gallery, 2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Heights Arts presents a two-person exhibiton of works by painter Mark Keffer and printmaker Lisa Schonberg. Featuring Keffer's graphic abstract paintings alongside Schonberg's vibrant nature-inspired works on paper, the show illuminates the artists' shared strengths of constructing evocative compositions through a rigor of layering and patterning.

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